Investment Advisory

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Capital Structure

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Impact & Sustainability

HaydenTanner is a strategic real estate advisory firm focused on accelerating impact investment & sustainability in the built environment.  

HaydenTanner’s work is multi-faceted, incorporating real estate, economics, human-behavior, policy, strategy and finance. Projects span residential, suburban office, urban mixed use and diverse land development.  

•    Investment Analysis
•    Capital Structure and Strategies (public and private)
•    Economic Development and Revitalization Strategies
•    Impact & Sustainability Valuation - Resource Efficiency (energy, water, waste) Renewables
•    Due Diligence and Market Research
•    Project Management:  Multi-disciplinary and Cross Functional
•    Strategic Planning & Competitive Analysis
•    Operational and Organizational Assessment, Quantitative Evaluation
•    Relationship building, Facilitation and Mediation
•    Evaluation and integration of GRESB and LEED reporting

The firm has deep experience in real estate finance and property development.  We have an integrated practice with a specific focus on resource efficiency, sustainability and social impact.

Our work centers on game changing innovation – innovation that will change how we live and work and the resources we use.  

Utilizing a systems approach, the company focuses on identifying future trends in order to recognize technological and cultural shifts, as well as new patterns that can dynamically alter markets and investment returns.  As these themes are charted, risks are proactively managed with an eye on the big picture and the bottom-line. 

Through thoughtful questions, intuitive listening and active partnering, the team crafts bold and creative solutions to enhance resiliency, community vibrancy and livability while meeting economic objectives.

Molly asks really hard questions. One’s that make us think, peeling back the layers and asking us to go further.
— RJ, CEO Advisory Firm